FAQs For Buying Items with Crypto Assets

Borrowed from Ethereum Marketplace Subreddit:

1. What is a Cryptocurrency Marketplace?

As the name states, it is a Marketplace. You can Buy Goods or Services in exchange for Cryptocurrencies.

2. I have Ether based asset XYZ but not Ether, can i use that to buy goods?

Yes, you can ask the seller if they accept the ETH based asset you have.

3. What if i send the payment and the seller does not send the product?

There are a few ways to avoid this: Look at the seller's history, talk to the seller, be aware of the risks and finally tell the seller that you would prefer Escrow. We will handle the transaction and release funds once you confirm (within 14 days) that you have received the item or if the seller provides tracking that shows you have received the item. We do not charge any fees for Escrow currently.

4. Why do I as a seller, have to take a picture of the product with my username?

This is to make sure you actually have what you are selling. And to prevent Buyers from claiming they did not receive what you sent.

5. I bought something but am not happy with it/changed my mind/xyz.

Cryptocurrency is Digital Cash, imagine buying something with Cash and then changing your mind. How would you handle that? By talking to the seller. So, talk to the seller and see if you can work something out. Remember, Cryptocurrency makes you responsible for your actions.

6. I was scammed.

Please post a detailed message in thread detailing what happened and message us. We will investigate, however this is limited to Escrow Service Only.

7. I want to buy something that isn't listed.

Post a Request to buy! Sellers will oblige you if they have it.

8. My ETH backed Crypto is not being accepted by Seller.

Accepting your ETH backed asset is completely at seller discretion. Find another seller, there are many more to choose from.

9. Can i get a list of Crypto Assets that are accepted?

This is not an exhaustive list but here are some assets that you can use to buy things: https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/

10. Grumble grumble mumble mumble random gibberish.

Could you please repeat that?

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